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“Dolce far Niente” – The sweetness of doing nothing

Productivity went down

It’s been around 2-3 weeks. My productivity has been definitely going down. I guess it was because of being burned out after a long time of working hard plus getting sick. Every day I do nothing but surf on websites and read stuff. I was just telling myself in my mind “Well, another long lazy resting time after a hard running section”.

I read my old blog post, Endurance Run, again and I started to remember this is not the first time it has happened to me. Therefore, I tell myself that burning out and requesting the body to completely rest and be lazy, is normal.

As I read my old blog post, I reverted back to how I felt at that time and how it passed by also. This is the reason why I love writing. Writing helps me to document my life journey and it is easy for me to recharge by reading my old writing as well. Our thought sometimes just pop up and then it goes away, if we do not write them down, easily it is just going to be lost somewhere like you have never thought of.

Necessary time for recovery of mental health and contemplating meaning of life

To ulilize this lazy time, I guess I should also spend for focusing on my mental health and lifestyle. I have told myself after I got the announcement of getting my trainee position that I am going to get back to my old hobbies and habits. However, it is not that easy. Yeah, to build habits, it takes time. Even if you know clearly what your hobbies are, to get those back in track of a routine to be a consistent part of your daily life, your daily rituals, it really takes time.

Today, this blog post is more about talking to myself, nothing big. While I type these thinking out loud, I feel more peaceful, I feel those noisy sayings in my head like “You are lazy, get up! Do not rest anymore! You are guilty because of resting too much. Do something! Etc,.”, all of those were like becoming quiet, and I remember a saying I usually tell myself whenever I feel “guilty” because of lying on the bed and being sad or getting rest or simply wanting more sleep, this saying helps me to calm:

“Be enough for yourself first, the rest of the world can wait.”


Then, I just stopped being husle 🙂

The vibe I want to keep

You know, for me writing is like talking to myself. Even my viral article on Medium was also written with my first intention to tell and support myself during my job-seeking journey here in Finland.

I actually started my blog 4 years ago also with the intention to write for myself. I love to write to help people somehow just when I realized that some people did really find something in my words and they texted to let me know and thank me about that. That was when I started to write with another intention which is sharing to help someone who really needs it.

However, sometimes when reflecting on myself, I know I do not want to lose my pure intention of writing to talk to myself, to document my own story. Because for me, whenever I learn from the real-life stories of someone else, that is when I find those learning most valuable and those really give me so much strength and power.

So yeah, this is the energy and the vibe that I want to keep for my writing 🙂

I am going to start my work soon. I will stop being (a bit) panic because I think today I did not really do anything. I know that I need to rest and I deserve to rest after a long continuous hard time. This is also to prepare for another new working-hard chapter 😀 Yes, I am telling myself these!

After finishing posting this blog post, I am going to browse my favorite lifestyle bloggers whom I have admired and learned from, also starting from four years ago. Those are who inspired me to create this blog, and they were the motivation for me to build up my meaningful lifestyle. Then, I am going to go for a sauna, go to my friend’s house, chit-chat and pet his cat, and have dinner together 🙂

I hope you also have a slow and peaceful evening. Happy Thanksgiving!



Well, I suddenly remember another beaufiful saying for our “necessary lazy time”:

“Dolce far Niente”
The sweetness of doing nothing”

a Latin proverb from Italians

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  1. Your dedication to continuous learning is admirable! Your insights into various topics reflect a curious mind. Thanks for being a source of intellectual stimulation.

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