A little note: this blog was mostly written in Vietnamese since it was started 4 years ago.
If you use Chrome, kindly click the right mouse and choose “Translate to English” to read my old posts.
(I just can have enough time to change all the titles into English.)
Really sorry for this inconvenience! I did not expect there would be many international friends visiting this blog now, starting from my viral article in Medium.

Thanks for visiting my blog via Medium! 🙂


Hi, It’s Sylvie!

Currently living in Finland, I started this blog around 4 years ago (2019) and at first I mainly wrote about lifestyles. Some of the living lifestyle cultures I really admire are from Nordic countries and Japan, which also has been helping me change and grow a lot.

Also, I love traveling around the world to experience more about culture. My biggest achievement was being brave enough to make a solo trip to around 10 countries in Europe when I was just a little girl. Undoubtedly, nature, animals, yoga, music, books, and writing are my best therapies.

✿ From 6/2023, I started posting my write on 2 platforms:

https://sisiliving.com/ (for life, learning, & career journeys)
https://medium.com/@sylvievu (focus on UX, career, learning and self-development)

✿ I believe that writing helps me to reflect, develop & organize my thinking well from what I read, see, and learn, also a good way to spread knowledge and positive vibes to those who need it. Moreover, writing helps me to generate ideas & bolsters creativity.

I hope you enjoy and find something helpful in my words.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sylvievu
Email: hello@sisiliving.com