Pen & paper = my spirit, my comfort zone, my calm soul

The world is growing by technology and hundreds of note and journaling apps have been born. However, for me, pen and paper are still things that makes me spark a lot.

I tried using digital notebooks and planners, but I still feel best with paper notebooks and pens.

I tried digital painting but I still feel most peaceful when I sketch even the ugliest lines on papers.

I tried to use Kindle to be more convenient to carry many books at once around but I felt the most focused, meaningful, and peaceful when I am holding a paper book.

I tried to type things on my laptop to save as journaling for the fastest, but still feel most comfortable, life-organized, and healing whenever I write slowly on paper notebooks.

In the end, I feel like technology helps us to be fast in everything, but actually, in some aspects, I learned that a “slow life” is a much more meaningful life, at least it is right for me.

What’s the point when I can copy or type nice quotes quickly on my laptop but those do not really stay deeply in my mind after that? Instead, slowly writing random stuff on the paper is more than 100% effective to me. I always feel so comfortable and memorized whenever I dump stuff on paper by pen.

Not sure why, but I just feel like no matter how amazing the world grows with tons of nice digital applications and technologies invented every day, I just feel like nothing can really be best friends to the human mind and health as those raw things that have been used from hundred years ago. At least, it is correct for me.


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