A Full-Focused Year in Finland to Reach The Goal

My gratefulness

At the end of this week, I received the news that I passed all the interviews and got the UX Trainee position at a company that I am very excited to join. I am really happy not only because I got the job, but also because the culture and values of the company and the team are very matched to mine.

When I received the email from the recruiter, I was so happy that I even could not respond immediately. Within around 30 minutes, I just sat silently and reflected on everything that happened.

I spent the whole day thinking about the whole process, how I have been learning and working during the whole time starting landing in Finland, how I struggled with things and obstacles in life and study, and how I applied and prepared for the interviews. Also, most importantly, how I was alone in the beginning, and then how I could connect and meet people who have helped me during my journey to reach today. After that, I spent the whole day to reach out to those people and say thanks to them.

I am very grateful for everything!

Hard-work pays off

Now, reflecting all year just went by, I am so grateful for who I am and what I’ve done until this day.

When decided to go to Finland, I thought I would have to spend another 3–4 years studying the university program (I have one Bachelor’s degree in Vietnam already). I did not even set the goal to graduate so early or get my first job here within just 1 year.

However, the more I studied and worked towards my goals, the more I pushed my limitation to the maximum level. For 11 months, every day I woke up at 6:30 or 7:00 to study and work on school and personal projects for 7 to 10 hours. It was every day continuously.

Now, I still could not believe that I got a job after just 1 year in Finland. Even though it is just an internship, it is the primary door to open other doors in the job market in Finland as a foreigner, and because usually finding the first entry-level job here in Finland is not really easy for a foreign student as well.

Some experienced people in the field even told me that in this brutal job market at the moment, getting something like this was a big accomplishment. This was very great to hear but I know I still need to try harder for the long run, and I am thankful for what I have now.

It would be a lie if I said I was not proud. The truth is I am very proud of everything I have been trying. During 1 year, I sacrificed all my hobbies like piano, blog writing, lifestyle books, yoga, etc., to dedicate all my time to studying.

Now it finally paid off, and I guess I can slowly be back to my hobbies from now on.

A little side story related to my period of preparing for interviews

Everything happens for a reason

Before joining the first interview where I left a deep impression on interviewers by my presentation, I was ended my part-time job that I was in a trial period. I knew that place was not suitable for me, and wanted to end before that, but I needed to earn something to support my living in Finland where things are expensive. Also, I was not sure when I could get a professional job because it is not easy for a foreigner here, it might take a long time. For those reasons, I decided to just stick to that. However, they decided to end mine. 

I was quite shocked because I have never been the kind of worst person to be ended a work, but there I was, ended a part-time job at a sushi restaurant. Of course, I did not agree with some of their working morals and the reasons they showed. I was so sad but there was no choice, I stopped my work there.

However, surprisingly, because of stopped my part-time job, I got more time to invest in my presentation for the first interview, which was impressed very much by interviewers, and I heard a lot of compliments for that. Even after I passed all 2 rounds, in the announcement of the final result, the interviewer still commended me for my presentation as outstanding. Both the sadness and the injustice that I faced at that part-time workplace gave me so much strength and dedication to work on preparing for the interview.

… and that reason maybe is to bring you the thing you deserve

I told my friend that maybe if I was not ended my part-time job unjustifiably, I might not had the time and strength to do that good presentation for the interview. I could have failed the position, and I might still need to keep working at that sushi restaurant to earn for living for 1 more year at least. 

So, I contemplate that, sometimes we think unlucky things happened to us, turns out it was actually the lucky ones that needed to happen. 

Something comes from luck, but the rest of the things come from the effort.

– My new favorite quote – By me –

15 October, 2023, Lahti, Finland